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Beckman Coulter Biomek FXp
Beckman Coulter offers a complete range of automation tools for your applications, from modular liquid handling to integrated robotic systems, designed to support your research in genomics, proteomics, cellular analysis and drug discovery.
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Beckman Coulter Smart Solutions provide comprehensive systems that combine all the elements you need to employ and adapt the Biomek FXp for specific applications. This includes task-specific hardware for rapid application configuration, easy to use software, chemistries with validated methods, and comprehensive global support. Putting it all together ensures reliable performance and enhanced productivity in your laboratory.

 Nucleic Acid Preparation Solution Plate Replication Solutions
  • Works with a variety of popular chemistries

  • Plasmid purification using vacuum filtration

  • Plasmid purification using magnetic beads

  • Integrated gripper can assemble / disassemble vacuum manifold for unattended operation

  • Software Wizard simplifies method creation

  • Fully automated 1-, 2- and 12-plate validated methods

  • Disposable barrier tips minimize cross-contamination

  • PCR* reaction setup and cleanup 

  • Sequencing reaction setup

  • Dye terminator removal 
  • Four formatting options 96-96, 96-384, 384-96, 384-384

  • Add up to three reagents

  • Large plate capacity — up to 240 plates with Stacker Carousel

  • User interchangeable 96- or 384-channel pipetting heads

  • Software Wizard

  • Integrated gripper for moving labware

  • Optional tip washing capabilities

  • Optional bar code reader
Screening Solutions Flexible Automation
  • Biomek FXp workstation easily integrates into SAGIAN™ Core System

  • Primary and secondary screening configurations

  • Multichannel pipetting for rapid compound transfers and reagent addition

  • Eight-channel independent axis pipetting for adding controls and performing dilutions

  • Powerful SAMI® Software for easy method creation and optimizing scheduler

  • Wide array of SAGIAN Stations and Core Partner Stations complete total system
  • The Biomek FXp Laboratory Workstation is the most flexible automated liquid handling systems available today. A large worksurface accommodates almost any job size. The system comes configured with one or two pipetting capabilities for unsurpassed versatility on a single system.

  • Automated Labware Positioners (ALPs) allow the researcher to customize the worksurface with automated functionality such as shaking, stirring, heating and cooling to for a given application.

  • The Biomek FXp software is unparalleled for ease-of-use and power. Rich with features for precise and accurate pipetting, as well as automation tools makes it simple to write methods to automate any task.

  • Our application-specific Software Wizards take ease-of-use to a new level by dialoging with the researcher about the task and then automatically generating validated methods.
Biomek FX 96- or 384-Channel Disposable Tip Pipetting Heads Biomek FX Span-8 Pipettor
  • Precise, rapid plate-to-plate transfers and reagent addition

  • Air displacement technology

  • User interchangeable

  • Standard SBS center-to-center spacing

  • Integrated gripper built into multichannel pod for
    moving labware

  • Automated tip loading


  • Fixed or disposable tips

  • Variable span form 9 to 20 mm

  • Syringe-based pipetting for independent volume control

  • Variety of syringes sizes

  • Liquid level sensing

  • Optional bar code readers:
    • Biomek ATBCR Automated Tube Bar Code Reader
    • Biomek Fly-By Bar Code Reader


  • The power of simple selectivity is what makes Biomek FX software so invaluable. Palettes and feature-rich method Wizards put quick method creation at your fingertips. And customized editing is just a click away. Advanced features support other complex operations and data handling/information management needs. Because for today's liquid handling demands, Biomek FX's high-speed, high-capacity selectivity is not only's indispensable.
  • Step Palettes for drag-n-drop method creation

  • Liquid types, pipetting techniques and templates

  • Labware and deck editors

  • Online help, method validation and estimate run times

  • Worklist, variables loops, and run method

  • Application-specific method Wizards


ALP's - Automated Labware Positioners
  • The Biomek FXp has a large flexible worksurface. Integral to the system are Automated Labware Positioners (ALPs) that are uniquely designed to fit seamlessly onto the deck. These ALPs perform application-specific tasks and make it simple to configure the system for a wide variety of applications. ALPs, one more reason the Biomek FXp is the smart solution for your liquid handling needs.

  • Automated Tip Loader ALP

  • Linear Shaking ALP

  • Magnetic Stirring ALP

  • Heating and Cooling ALP

  • Bar Code Reader ALP

  • Labware Holders - Static ALPs

  • Vacuum Filtration ALP

  • Tip Washer ALP

  • Positive Positioning ALP for 1536 Plates

  • Waste ALPs


  • Plate Replication

  • Primary Screening

  • Secondary Screening

  • Plasmid Purification using vacuum filtration

  • Plasmid Purification using magnetic beads

  • PCR* Reaction Setup

  • PCR* Reaction Cleanup

  • Sequencing Reaction Setup

  • Dye Terminator Removal

  • Genomic DNA purification from blood

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