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SPRI Product Range:

One of the key technologies of the Beckman Coulter Genomics (formerly Agencourt) pipeline is SPRI (Solid Phase Reversible Immobilisation), a patented DNA purification chemistry developed at the Whitehead Institute and exclusively licensed to Beckman Coulter. This SPRI technology was validated on over 30 billion base pairs of DNA in the Human Genome Project and has the largest validation set of any purification chemistry on the market. Beckman have introduced a line of products based on this unique chemistry for those customers who wish to improve and automate their own sequencing and discovery initiatives.

Today, in conjunction with other Beckman Coulter products, the Beckman Coulter Genomics products gain extra leverage when promoted with the range of Beckman liquid handlers to provide an automated solution to purification or extraction. Customised scripts are available for the Biomek FXp, the Biomek NXp and the Biomek 4000 laboratory automation workstations, which provide turnkey applications to scientists interested in maximizing throughput and efficiency.

A typical schematic for the SPRI based Ampure® XP kit is shown below:

1. Add Ampure® XP reagent to sample tube 2. Bind sequencing products to magnetic beads 3. Separate sequencing products from contaminants with magnetic field 4. Wash with ethanol 5. Elute from magnetic particles 6. Transfer away from magnetic beads

Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) is a patented, high performance nucleic acid purification technology based on the selective immobilization of nucleic acids onto magnetic microparticles (Hawkins, et. al., Nucleic Acids Res. 1995 (23): 4742-4743). The SPRI technology allows for easy automation of nucleic acid purification without sacrificing superior performance. Since its development, the technology has been adopted by many of the largest genome research facilities.

Beckman Coulter Genomics range of SPRI based products includes:



·         Beckman Coulter Genomics CleanSEQ® Kit

Sanger Sequencing Dye Terminator Removal & Binding


·         Beckman Coulter Genomics Ampure® XP Kit

PCR/gDNA Purification & Binding


·         Beckman Coulter Genomics RNAClean® XP Kit

RNA purification from enzymatic reactions


·         Beckman Coulter Genomics SPRI Select® Kit

PCR/gDNA Purification, Binding & Size Selection



·         Beckman Coulter Genomics RNAdvance® Blood Kit

RNA/miRNA Isolation from Paxgene preserved blood/Serum


·         Beckman Coulter Genomics RNAdvance® Tissue Kit

RNA Isolation of Tissue or Cell >50K per well


·         Beckman Coulter Genomics RNAdvance® Cell V2 Kit

RNA Isolation of <50K cells per well


·         Beckman Coulter Genomics Formapure® Kit

Total NA, DNA or RNA only from FFPE tissue


·         Beckman Coulter Genomics CosMCPrep® Kit

Plasmid DNA from E.Coli


·         Beckman Coulter/Agencourt DNAdvance® Kit

DNA isolation from Tissue/Saliva/Oragene samples


·         Beckman Coulter Genomics Genfind® V2 Kit

DNA Isolation from whole blood, saliva, tissue, buccal cells, cell culture, ES cells, Buffy Coat, FTA cards, Bacterial gDNA


·         Beckman Coulter Genomics SPRIworks HT

NGS Library construction for Illumina



6 and 96 position magnets


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