Particle Characterisation

Laser Diffraction Particle Sizing

Beckman Coulter LS 13 320
The LS 13 320 delivers superior measurements through its many patented sub-systems, and delivers an array of new features aimed at making the system easy to use.
Product Features:
  • User friendly software
  • Easy to follow Standard Operating Methods (SOM's)
  • Multi-component Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's):
  • 'Auto Dock' - Unique module change system
  • Change between wet and dry and back to wet again in less than a minute
  • 21 CFR Pt 11 compliant software
  • 132 Detectors provides high resolution measurements from 2000 to 0.04 m.
The Beckman Coulter LS 13 320 Enhanced Laser Diffraction Analyzer uses a patented technique for the characterization of sub-micron particles. This technology is needed as conventional diffraction theory loses its applicability in the sub-micron particle size region. PIDS (Polarization Intensity Differential Scattering) is unique to Beckman Coulter and provides exceptional performance, extending the size measurement down to 0.04 m.
Coulter Counters

Beckman Coulter offers a range of Coulter Counters using the Coulter Principle (Electrical Sensing Zone Method) to provide unsurpassed accuracy, speed, versatility, and reproducibility with no lower sample concentration. The Coulter Principle (based on the ISO Standard, ISO 13319:2000 Determination of Particle Size Distributions--Electrical Sensing Zone Method) has become the accepted "Reference Method" throughout the world.

Beckman Coulter Multiszer 3
The Multisizer 3 is the most versatile and accurate particle sizing and counting analyzer available today. Using The Coulter Principle (Electrical Sensing Zone Method - ESZ) the Multisizer 3 COULTER COUNTER provides number, volume, mass and surface area size distributions in one measurement, with an overall sizing range of 0.4 m to 1,200 m. Its response is unaffected by particle color, shape, composition or refractive index. The Coulter Principle is the absolute leading technology in high resolution and accuracy and it is further enhanced in the Multisizer 3 by using a Digital Pulse Processor (DPP). You will get the ultra-high resolution, multiple channel analysis and accuracy not provided by any other technology.
The Coulter Principle Explained:
Particles suspended in a weak electrolyte solution are drawn through a small aperture, separating two electrodes between which an electric current flows. The voltage applied across the aperture creates a "sensing zone". As particles pass through the aperture (or "sensing zone"), they displace their own volume of electrolyte, momentarily increasing the impedance of the aperture.

This change in impedance produces a pulse that is digitally processed in real time. The Coulter Principle states that the pulse is directly proportional to the tri-dimensional volume of the particle that produced it. Analyzing these pulses enables a size distribution to be acquired and displayed in volume (m3 or fL) and diameter (m). In addition, a metering device is used to draw a known volume of the particle suspension through the aperture; a count of the number of pulses can then yield the concentration of particles in the sample.

Information on the Z Series of Cell Counters can be found in our Bioanalytical Sciences Cellular Analysis section.
Zeta Potential and Submicron Particle Size Analysis

The Zeta Potential and Submicron Particle Size Analyzers measure particle size in the range from 0.6 nm to 7 m and zeta potential of particles in the size range from 0.6 nm to 30 m using photon correlation spectroscopy and electrophoretic light scattering respectively. The instruments use a variety of standard and optional cells, with an optional auto-titrator, for aqueous and non-aqueous samples in the particle concentration range from 1 ppm to 40% (w/v).
Surface Area and Pore Size Analysis

Beckman Coulter SA 3100

The SA 3100 provides single and multipoint surface area analysis, multigas capability for surface area and full adsorption capability. The SA 3100 with automated dewar lift is a complete systems with integrated outgassing stations and vacuum pump, and is highly accurate. It features continuous saturation pressure measurement, has a minimum manifold volume to enhance sensitivity, and performs a multipoint helium free space measurement, to improve repeatability and accuracy.

Rapid Analysis is achieved through the use of optimized sample holders. The smaller sample volume required leads to greater sensitivity.

Product Features:
  • Single and Multipoint BET data and Langmuir surface area data
  • Complete adsorption and desorption isotherm capability
  • B.J.H. pore size analysis
  • MP and T-Plot methods
  • Touch Screen control
  • Optional SA-View PC software

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