Cellular Analysis
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Cellular Analysis

Cell Counting and Sizing

Beckman Coulter Z Series Coulter Counters
Beckman Coulter Z Series Cell Counters use the Coulter Principle (Electrical Sensing Zone Method) for counting cells or particles in the 1-120 micron size range. This technique provides accuracy, speed, versatility, and excellent precision. It is the accepted reference method for cell counting. Standard apertures are available in five sizes. In addition, for very small sample volumes, ampoule insertable apertures may be used.

The Coulter Principle Explained:
Cells suspended in a weak electrolyte solution are drawn through a small aperture, separating two electrodes between which an electric current flows. The voltage applied across the aperture creates a "sensing zone". As cells pass through the aperture they displace their own volume of electrolyte, momentarily increasing the impedance of the aperture.
This change in impedance produces a pulse that is digitally processed in real time. The Coulter Principle states that the pulse is directly proportional to the tri-dimensional volume of the particle that produced it. Analyzing these pulses enables a size distribution to be acquired and displayed in volume (m3 or fL) and diameter (m). In addition, a metering device is used to draw a known volume of the cell suspension through the aperture so that a count of the number of pulses can then yield the number of cells per ml.

Information on the Multiszer 3 can be found in our Analytical Sciences Particle Characterisation section.
Cell Viability

Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL Cell Viability Analyser

The Vi-CELL Series Cell Viability Analyzers provide an automatic and cost effective means to perform the trypan blue dye exclusion method. This data is essential to the decision making process for basic tissue culture cell passage and maintaining optimum culture conditions in bioreactors. Cell and tissue culture applications in life science research, including recombinant protein and biopharmaceutical production, require the accuracy, precision and automation available only in the Vi-CELL cell viability analyzer.
Historically, cell viability determinations were performed manually using a light microscope and hemacytometer. This technique has major shortcomings due to subjective determination of cell count, as well as manual, time consuming steps. In comparison to the manual technique, the Vi-CELL automatically performs the trypan blue with video imaging of the flow-through cell. Results are obtained in minutes.
Product Features:

  • Automation of the standard trypan blue assay
  • % Viability
  • Total cell concentration
  • Total viable cell concentration
  • Mean cell size
  • Real time cellular images
  • Bioprocess monitoring
  • Validated reagents
  • Convenient reagent pack

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