Jacketed Reaction Systems

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Reactor-Ready Pilot™

Custom Reaction Systems
Radleys AVA Software
Reaction Systems

From 100ml to 50L

Radleys has established an international reputation for producing the highest quality glass reaction systems. Custom reaction systems are designed in close co-operation with the customer to ensure optimum performance.
Radleys also offer a range of innovative reactor work stations designed to provide significant benefits over standard reaction systems. These include the fully automated Lara Controlled Lab Reactor, Lara Lite and Reactor-Ready systems.
Innovative, patented, low cost, reactor work station for glass vessels from 100ml to 5L.
Reactor-Ready Duo™
The Reactor-Ready Duo shares the same unique features as Reactor-Ready except that it supports two separate jacketed glass reaction vessels. The system can use a single thermoregulator for both vessels simultaneously; or with two thermoregulators controlling each vessel independently. 
Controlled Laboratory Reactor (CLR) which sets new standards for flexibility and simplicity in process automation, from 100ml to 10L
Reactor-Ready Pilot™
Ideal for process development, scale-up, pilot and kilo labs accommodating vessels from 5L to 20L.
Custom Reaction Systems
Custom designed glass reaction systems from 100ml to 50L.
AVA Control Software - Automate your Lab Reactor
Radleys AVA Software allows users to datalog and control multiple devices including stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps and temperature sensors. 

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